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Emergency Dentistry in Temecula, CA

Emergency Dentistry in Temecula, CA

Whenever you have an oral injury or any other related emergency, the first and most important thing you should do is seek help from a professional dentist. Getting the required treatment at the right time can save you from a whole lot of pain and also avoid complications. However, most patients tend to panic in such situations, which would just do more harm.

What are some of the common dental emergencies?

  • Cracked or broken tooth: When the patient sustains an external injury to the mouth, it can result in a cracked or broken tooth. This condition can be highly painful and result in severe bleeding as well. Clean the mouth with cold water and use a piece of gauze to control the bleeding. You can also apply a cold pack near the affected region to reduce swelling. See a dentist as soon as possible, which otherwise could result in infection.
  • Avulsed tooth: A tooth could become avulsed or uprooted when patients take a hard blow to the mouth. This usually happens during sports-related injuries or when they have a bad fall. If you happen to find the tooth, hold it near the crown and rinse it using clean water. Try to store it in a glass of milk and bring it along while visiting the dentist. As per the wound, there would usually be a bit of bleeding. Try to control it using a clean piece of gauze and apply pressure near the area.
  • Bitten soft tissue: Patients could accidentally bite their tongue or the soft inner lining of the mouth while chewing food. If the would is quite deep, chances are high that it could contract an infection due to the microbes in the mouth. Hence, get the wound treated by a dentist at the earliest to prevent any sort of infection and to facilitate optimum healing.
  • Failed restorations:Sometimes, a restoration that you had got a few years ago could just fall off or crack all of a sudden, especially when you’re chewing food. This can expose the delicate tooth structure underneath and cause it to crumble under high forces. Also, if the root canal is exposed, it could lead to painful infections. Get the restoration replaced as soon as possible to prevent such unwanted consequences.

Call Dentist in Temecula, CA at (951) 676-4556 when you have a dental emergency and we can help you at the earliest.


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