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How to cope with COVID stress

Posted by Choice Dental on Dec 16 2020, 09:53 AM

Recent research has shown COVID-19 to affect long-term habits. People in the United States are smoking, drinking, and eating in larger quantities to help cope with the increased stress and isolation that COVID-19 has caused. Along with the increase in drinking and smoking, it is directly related to a decline in oral health.


Everyone knows that smoking can cause lung cancer. There are also several dental health concerns related with regular smoking. It has been shown to cause tooth discoloration, tooth decay, gum disease, bone damage, and, even tooth loss. Alcohol consumption has been shown to cause gum disease, tooth decay, and weight gain due to the excess calories. 


We have created a list of alternative behaviors which can help you steer clear from the alcohol and cigarettes during such a stressful time.

    1.   Host a Zoom hangout with friends or family

Be creative! You can plan a virtual craft night, bake cookies, or play trivia virtually. With today’s technology you can do just about everything virtually. And if you feel the need to have a drink, reach for a soda water or add some fresh citrus juice to regular water. You might be surprised at how flavorful water can be with a splash of lemon or lime juice.


2.    Attend an online church service

Almost all churches have transitioned to online streaming or recorded services. Stay connected from the comfort of your own home.


3.    Go on a walk

You can safely go on a walk around your neighborhood, with a neighbor or by yourself. Explore nature and get some fresh air.


4.    Listen to motivating or educational podcasts

There are thousands of audio books and podcasts available at your fingertips.

Here is a list of some suggested podcasts 


      5.    Get a pet

There really is no companionship like a furry friend. There are tons of local rescues that are looking for forever homes for the animals. If your home or lifestyle does not allow you to adopt a pet, you can always look at the option to foster an animal. Some animal rescues prefer to have foster families. Reach out to your local animal rescue to learn more. It’s a win-win.


6.    Go back to school

Have you always wanted to learn more about natural history or brush up on your photography skills? Chances are, there is a community college that offers 100% online classes. Since the classes are offered completely online, the schedule is flexible and can be done at any time of the day.


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