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3/31/2016 9:52:00 AM | Sassan

Gum or periodontal disease is widely common in the US, with many adults, and even some children suffering from it. It ranges in severity, with mild cases causing issues such as tenderness or gum inflammation, and with the more severe cases causing damage to the tissues and bones that support your teeth, ultimately resulting in tooth loss.

How It Happens 

Gum disease is caused by the bacteria in our mouth. When you brush and floss your teeth, you help remove plaque. If the plaque is not appropriately removed, it can harden and become “tarter.” Tarter must be removed by a dentist or dental hygienist at your regular cleanings. The longer plaque and tarter remain on your teeth, the more dangerous it becomes; eventually, it causes gingivitis, which is a mild form of gum disease that can be reversed with proper care. However, if a person does not treat gingivitis, it can advance to periodontal disease, which is more serious. Periodontal disease can destroy your teeth and gums if left untreated.

Many people don’t realize they have gum disease until it has progressed, causing more symptoms and becoming harder to treat. This is why it is so important to schedule regular cleanings and follow a dedicated oral hygiene routine.

The Risks

Like all diseases, some people are more at risk for gum disease. The most common risk factors include:

  • Smoking or using tobacco products- Another reason to quit smoking now.  
  • A poor diet- Excess sugar can cause tooth decay and can help bacteria thrive in your mouth. 
  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol- Alcohol is acidic and can ruin the enamel on your teeth. 
  • Medications- Some medications can cause issues like decreased saliva, which can lead to increased risk of infection. 
  • Hormonal changes in girls and women- Pregnancy, for example, can make gums more sensitive and make you more susceptible to gingivitis. 
  • Diabetes- This increases you overall risk of gum disease. 
  • Genetics- Unfortunately, some people are just born more susceptible to developing gum disease.  

The Symptoms 

So, how do you know you have gum disease? There are a few telling symptoms that indicate you should head to your dentist ASAP. These include:

  • Bad breath that can’t be treated 
  • Tender gums that bleed
  • Loose teeth
  • Pain when chewing 
  • Tooth sensitivity 
  • Receding gums 

Don’t wait for these symptoms to start! Make sure to schedule regular cleanings every six months to prevent gum disease and other dental mishaps.

The Treatment 

If you do find out you have gum disease, don’t panic. Your dentist will work with you to control the infection and mediate any damage. Depending on the severity, you may need a scaling and root planning, medications, or even surgery. Your dentist will help you create the best treatment plan for your needs.

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3/23/2016 8:30:00 AM | Sassan

Many of us have felt the telltale pain of an infected tooth. The throbbing, aching sensation associated with a toothache is seriously unpleasant, and it is often attributed to a decay. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent cavities from occurring in the first place.  

What is a Cavity?

A cavity is essentially a hole in the enamel, or outer layer of your tooth which was created by bacteria feeding off the sugars left residing on your tooth. Enamel serves to protect the inner part of your tooth, the pulp. The pulp houses many nerves and blood vessels, so when it is exposed you can feel it. The larger the cavity, the more severe the discomfort.

How Can I Prevent Cavities?

Preventing the occurrence of cavities can save you a lot of pain and trouble. The good news is that most often, cavities are preventable when you follow proper brushing and flossing techniques twice daily, make good nutritional choices, and having regular dental check-ups.
Cavity-preventing tips to consider include:

  • Become a nutrition powerhouse- Consume less sugar, and increase your intake of calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D.
  • Follow a proper oral hygiene routine at home- Don’t skip brushings, and make sure to floss after every meal. If you can’t brush or floss directly after a meal, try some sugar-free gum.
  • Decrease your snack intake in between meals- Less snacks equals less debris on your teeth, which equals les cavities in the long run.
  • Apply a fluoride- Topical and oral fluorides help protect your teeth and make them stronger.
  • Seal it - Sealants help to protect the nooks and crannies of your tooth and reduce the chance for cavities on and in between molars.
Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, we still get cavities. If that happens to you, don’t fret. Treatment for your cavity is as easy as getting a filling. There are many different materials used in fillings, and your Temecula dentist will discuss with you the pros and cons of each option.

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3/7/2016 10:00:00 AM | Sassan

Dentures are not a one-size fits all solution to missing teeth. Options ranging from adhesive-based partial dentures, to permanent implant-retained dentures are available for people who need to replace teeth that have fallen out or need to be restored.

Dentures help people who have lost some or all of their permanent teeth. Overdentures are a partial or complete dentures that is secured to remaining healthy teeth roots or dental implants. Also known as overlay or hybrid denture, overdentures restore natural dental function to improve eating and speaking.

The Process

Treatment always begins with a complete exam. It is important to rebuild oral health prior to placing implants or permanent dentures. A comprehensive treatment plan will be designed to correct oral health concerns before attaching overdentures.

For patients who need dental implants, the titanium posts are placed into the bone. The biocompatible posts will with the surrounding jaw bone, creating a stable base for the new dentures. Once the area has healed, an abutment is attached to the post which will hold the denture in place. The two fit together like a snap which allows patients to remove their overdentures for cleaning.

Benefits of Overdentures

  • Health and Diet: Because they snap securely in place, patients with overdentures can eat and chew their favorite foods with regained confidence. As a result, food is chewed more thoroughly to improve digestion. Implants also stimulate the jaw bone, which rejuvenates the bone and surrounding gum area, encouraging it to regenerate and preventing the natural bone loss associated with missing teeth. 
  • Comfort: The embedded implants do not add any bulk to the mouth structure. They mimic tooth roots under the gum line. Overdentures are custom designed to fit comfortably in the mouth. And, because they are stable, they are less likely to “pop out” or cause any discomfort to the soft tissue in the mouth. 
  • Appearance: Overdentures are designed to closely mimic natural teeth and follow the natural face shape. They allow people to smile confidently as they go about their everyday activities. 

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12/17/2015 8:33:00 AM | Sassan

We're excited to announce the official launch of our Choice Dental blog.

We'll be posting helpful dental tips, news from the dental industry, news from our practice, and more about the latest in dentistry.

We built our practice on the notion that we're there for our patients when they need us and we want our online presence to be a reflection of that principle. We hope this blog provides an extra level of service to our current and future patients.

If you would like to stay up to date on the latest from Choice Dental, simply click the RSS “Subscribe to feed” link located on our website and subscribe. Our subscribers will be updated when we make a new blog post.

Here's to your best oral health ever!


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